The Freckled Breast

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I am a man devoid of poetry.
I see things I wish I could illustrate in words.
I saw the redheaded woman's plea for peotry.
I can only tell you want I believe is one of redhead's more alluring feature, besides her hair. I won't talk about hurt "drapes & curtains". The Bush is a visual treat to behold no matter what shade the hair is, or lack of hair for that matter.

I have dated and known many Redheaded woman. I'm not someone who drools over them or has a fetish about them. Maybe some internal genetic key turn a switch that allows me the pleasure of being intimately attracted and attracting to, Redheads.

With every woman you are lucky enough to have a level of intimacy with, many things happen. One of these things happens to be conversations about their breasts. I don't know how or why it comes up, but it has with pretty much every girl I know. From how small they are, to how she wishes they weren't so big, to how the right one is bigger than the left one. Girls have had all of those conversations with me at one point.

Because most Redheads are blessed with fair skin, they are doubly blessed with milky white breasts. And because of the
pigmentary reaction most of adored with freckles. Just as a the spots on a
leopard vary so does the detail of freckle. Nothing surpasses the visual beauty
of a breast (marked with a tan line or not) perfectly white be-speckled with

Maybe it's
the mystery of the possibility of such a rare blessing. A true Redhead
coinsurers will have known such things. Maybe it's just the fantasy of such

Debra Messing of "Will & Grace". You see the beautiful woman. Many person stare
in awe if one of the most perfect Redheads today. Many of us see the lovely
spackling of freckles across the bridge of her nose and know the hidden beauty
of freckles adoring her chest and breasts. Debra's tits are small, but even a
the tireless "Hooters" lover would be negligent to to pass by her perfect
speckled breast and her lovely auburn hair and creamy white complexion.

Before I go
let me further delve into the significance of the Nordic Redhead's breasts in
detail. The Nipple and Aerola. How many of us have discovered the truly hidden
treasure of a Redhead's perfectly pink nipple and often-times larger aerola?

I raise my
hand to volunteer to view not the Blonde Bombshell with D-Cup enhancements, or
the Athletic Raven Haired Beauty with a firm rack. Please get me the vision of a
Gal exhibiting  her perfectly breasts framed by her Auburn Hair.; width="127" height="70">

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    Tue, September 30, 2003 - 3:49 PM
    The Reds appreciate that, glad there are still some people left that do not care for the fake augmentation type magazine broads. As for me, I can't stand the types of guys that work out like twice/day and walk with their arms out because they are so muscle bound, a huge ego is the annoying appendage that goes along with that.

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